The majority of homes in Austin, TX, rely on concrete slabs for their foundation. However, our climate and soil are the cause of many foundation problems.

Once outside temperatures reach 100 degrees, the chances of your foundation developing cracks increases. Your concrete slabs are at an increased risk when the weather becomes wet and muggy, just like our summer season.

The clay soil that we have here is especially prone to causing foundation concerns. Once it becomes wet, your home can sink, shift, tilt, and prompt your concrete slab to break.

Whatever types of problems your home’s foundation happens to throw your way, Austin Foundation Repair Experts is here for you. We offer the best in home foundation solutions, allowing more homeowners to rest easy knowing their house remains protected.

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• Foundation Inspections
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• New Slab Installation
• Foundation Crack Repair
• Slab Upheaval
• Sunken Foundation
• House Leveling
• Slab Replacement
• And other slab foundation repair services.


​Chances are, every home in the immediate area probably has some form of foundation problems. Considering slab issues are so prevalent, it helps to know a local Austin foundation repair contractor that you can trust!

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Sometimes, a concrete foundation must get removed. That is a delicate process and not one that we take lightly.

We offer thorough and efficient slab removal, breaking down your damaged foundation and hauling it away. We can then install your new slab, saving you time and money in the process.

When you need a complete slab foundation repair Austin service, we achieve the results you are looking for each time. Hire the foundation company more homeowners trust!