A house is only as firm as the foundation that supports it from underneath. Of course, not all foundations are made equal.
Some companies rush through your job, making mistakes and taking shortcuts. Others may use inferior products, or even install it without the necessary tools and equipment.

A cheap service provider may sound appealing at first, but a weak home foundation may lead to thousands of dollars in repairs. Instead, you could hire an expert company who achieves better results each time.

Austin Foundation Repair Experts always installs your foundation correctly. Whether your home requires a concrete slab foundation or a pier and beam system, we can handle them all.

Other companies may only offer one or the other. However, when you hire us for your foundation needs, you can enjoy better service from an experienced local business.

You shouldn’t entrust your home with just any company. Instead, hire the team that more Austin, TX, homeowners rely on for perfect foundations.


Most family homes utilize a concrete slab foundation type. On the site of where the house is to stand built, a solid concrete block is poured and cured.

Once it is stable enough to support the weight of construction, your home can continue building. However, if not installed right, you may develop structural problems within just a few years.

While most homes in the Austin area will likely develop some issue or another, you shouldn’t experience any trouble until after the building has settled. If it has been five to ten years since your home finished construction, it shouldn’t remain settling as much as the initial year.

In our area we also encounter upheavals. That is when the soil under the concrete begins rising instead of falling.
Both problems are not something that can’t remain ignored. If you believe you may have foundation problems, call our company immediately.


The other common foundation type is a pier and beam. The home has a crawlspace between it and the ground, with support beams keeping it from sinking.

Although this type of foundation doesn’t have as many issues as concrete slab styles, they still require regular maintenance. Many pier and beam foundations get built from wood, and they typically occur in wetter areas.

As a result, they become rotted, mildewed, or even grow mold. Or, if the ground underneath becomes too moist, it may also begin sinking.